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Cem Schemel

I solve problems. Sometimes computers are involved. They are better than humans at some problems. I have them help us solve these problems, so we can move on to more important things.


Smooth Breath

Problem: I wanted to try some relaxation methods that involve breathing in a certain rhythm (e.g. breathe in for 4 seconds, out for 6 seconds, etc.) but I don't trust the timer in my head. There are meditation and mindfulness apps out there but I don't need a guiding voice, logging my sessions, seeing graphs, or any of that fancy stuff.

Solution: I made an iPhone app. Sadly the name "Just Breathe" was already taken.

Results: I have a visual cue for smooth, deep breathing. Making the app also taught me Swift and how to publish an iOS app on App Store Connect.

Burgle Bros Recon

Problem: Burgle Bros is a cooperative board game, where a team of thieves explore an office building to steal what's in the safe. You reveal room tiles as you go, but alarm tiles cause problems. The game provides a reference card of how many of each tile is in the game, so you can look at what's been explored and try to guess what the next tile can be. But counting all the explored tiles is tedious. Similarly, you can look at where the guard has been to guess where they'll go next, but combing through a discard pile each time is not fun.

Solution: I made a digital reference using React and Redux to keep track of rooms and guard destinations. Click on rooms as you explore to keep track of what you've revealed, and see at a glance what's left. For the guard destinations, click on tiles as they come up in the guard deck and see the remaining possibilities.

Results: Less time spent counting tiles, and more time enjoying your game and the company of your friends.

Phonetic Speller

Problem: My full last name is a mess (ask me about it). When I call customer support for anything, I'd like to use the phonetic alphabet to spell it out precisely, but I can never remember the code words.

Solution: I created a tool where you enter a word or phrase, and get the code words for each of its letters.

Results: No ambiguity over the phone when pulling up my account.

Psychological Services Institute website

Problem: The Psychological Services Institute in Ankara, Turkey wanted an online presence.

Solution: I created and continue to maintain their website.

Results: The institute gets more clients for counseling or its trainings since people can find them online.



Feel free to email me at koralcem@gmail.com. You can also find me on GitHub and LinkedIn.